Pret's Hot

In their quest to keep shelves full of oven-fresh, homely food, our Hot Chefs bake in small batches. Little and often. Straight from the oven. Hot off the shelves.


Brie, Avocado & Tomato Toastie

This classic toastie combines our seeded bloomer bread, beautifully ripe brie, freshly sliced avocado, sweet roasted tomatoes and fresh basil. Finished with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of seasoning. Simple…

Chicken, Avocado & Basil Toastie

This new toastie is sure to become a Pret classic. Two slices of our seeded bloomer bread filled with chicken breast, avocado, whole-leaf basil, Greve cheese and red onion, Finished with yoghurt mayo, lemon juice…

Chipotle Chicken Hot Wrap

Chicken breast with a dollop of our spicy chipotle ketchup and melting Greve cheese. Finished with roasted tomatoes, red onion, red pepper and crispy onions.

Chipotle Chicken Toastie

Seeded bloomer bread with British chicken breast, mellow Greve cheese, a handful of fresh spinach, slices of red onion and finished with our smoky, spicy chipotle ketchup.

Eggs Florentine Toasted Tortilla

The classic flavours of an Eggs Florentine in our new Toasted Tortilla. A kibbled rye wrap filled with two free-range eggs, a handful of baby spinach and Italian matured cheese. Finished with crispy onions,…

Mozzarella & Pesto Toastie

Another great recipe from the Pret kitchen. We freshly slice Italian mozzarella, and then drizzle over two teaspoons of pesto, topped with a layer of juicy tomatoes. Melting and aromatic: crispy on the outside…

Allergen Guide

Knowing exactly what is in our food (and what’s not) is incredibly important to us. For more information on the ingredients in our products take a look at our handy allergen guide.

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