Salads & Sushi

Pret chefs prepare our salads using the best, freshest ingredients from our kitchens. A mix of classic and contemporary, Pret salads are designed to fill you up, not slow you down.


Chef's Italian Chicken Salad

A classic combination of Caesar dressed chicken combined with our beautiful Spanish roasted red peppers, kalamata olives and finished with a handful of toasted pistachios.

Edamame Beans

Simply edamame beans in the shell, briefly boiled, sprinkled with sea salt and served chilled in a pot.

Greek Salad

A classic Greek Salad; Feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumber and baby plum tomatoes, served with a side of French dressing and a kibbled rye wrap.

Wild Crayfish & Avocado

Wild crayfish and gorgeous hand peeled, freshly sliced avocado, on a generous handful of bouncy, fresh salad leaves. Served with a separate little pot of French dressing so you can enjoy your lunch dressed or undressed!

Allergen Guide

Knowing exactly what is in our food (and what’s not) is incredibly important to us. For more information on the ingredients in our products take a look at our handy allergen guide.

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